Fosen Yard offers its customers the full value chain of shipbuilding, with decades of experience in Norway and Germany. Since 2019, Fosen Yard Emden GmbH is a full member of the Fosen Yard Group.

At Fosen Yard we believe that technology is a key driver for our success. We invest in R&D, including the development of a new LNG tank technology to build rectangular, multi size and shaped LNG tanks for a highly efficient use of space on board of ships. This goes hand in hand with the trend for LNG based power on board of ships, conversions well as newbuilding.

Infrastructure The infrastructure comprises of an area of 551.000 m², which is equal to about 77 football fields – ample space for really large projects. About 75.000 m² are under roof. Segments of up to 60m can be assembled. The gantry crane is capable of lifting 450t.


1903 Inception of the shipyard: "Nordseewerke" Emder Werft und Dock Aktien-Gesellschaft
1957 Acquisition of the company by Rheinstahl group: Rheinstahl Nordseewerke GmbH
1976 Merger of the Rheinstahl group with Thyssen group: Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH
2002 Merger of Thyssen group and Krupp-Hoesch group (1999): Nordseewerke GmbH
2008 Internal merger of Nordseewerke GmbH und Blohm + Voss Naval: TKMS Blohm + Voss Nordseewerke GmbH
2010 Acquisition of the shipyard facilities by SIAG Schaaf Industrie AG: SIAG Nordseewerke GmbH
2015 Nordseewerke Emden Shipyard GmbH
2018 Acquisition of the business by Fosen Nordseewerke GmbH
2019 Fosen Yard Emden GmbH, member of the Fosen Yard Group